Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy Mystery

Cat on a Hyacinth Hunt Cat on a Hyacinth HuntCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge Books 1999WorldCatTemple Barr and Midnight Louie have returned to Las Vegas after Christmas in New York City (Cat in a Golden Garland). Matt Devine has returned from Chicago, excited from his visit home. He has been able to shake many of his ghosts. He has been able to accept his mother as her own person rather than the woman beaten down by Cliff Effinger. Max Kinsella has returned as well, ready to resume his relationship with Temple.

Unfortunately Matt’s and Max’s past history is merging in Las Vegas. Temple is the person who takes the brunt of the collision. She is not around when the dead body is found. Yet Lieutenant Carmen Molina still considers her and wants to know where she was. Midnight Louie had been spotted with Midnight Louise at the crime scene. Temple doesn’t want to admit she was with Max.

Matt, Max, Molina, Midnight Louie, and Temple are drawn closer together. Instead of drawing apart, solving personal issues that have arisen through this series, they get more complicated. Matt resolves his feelings about Temple. Max more fully explains his. Things come together when the four of them run into each other in the lobby of a magic show. No one realizes what danger is looming.

This is not a stand alone mystery. If you have not read these books, do not start with this one. The dead man is one from earlier novels. Other repeating characters reappear. This is a good book as part of the series. It would be a poor one to read if the reader has not met any of these characters and watched their evolution. Instead, start with one of the first three or four novels, the first being Catnap.

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