Cat in the Dark by Shirley Rousseau Murphy


Cozy Mystery

Cat in the Dark Cat in the DarkShirley Rousseau Murphy; Avon 1999WorldCatJoe Grey and Dulcie are unusual cats. They are descended from an old Celtic race of cats that can communicate with humans in human language. The also have the evolved brain capacity for independent thinking. They know there are few of their kind left. They talk with their owners, Wilma and Clyde, but hide their abilities from anyone else in their small California village.

They are shocked when another of their kind arrives in their quiet town. Azrael is a challenge to Joe. He is dark, both in color and disposition. And he is involved with his human in a crime spree. They break into stores and steal the money from the registers. Azrael has a hypnotizing effect on Dulcie. He also has some powers of precognition. He forsees death to three humans in the near future. He is concerned those deaths may affect his human.

I find these intelligent cats interesting. They are as evolved as humans mentally, but still have cats’ physical abilities. They communicate with most humans as cats to, only letting down their guard with their own humans. The book itself is average. The only character that feels real is Azrael. The others never quite take hold. The protagonists are often around, but always in the background, never real. This book is, and reads like, it is part of a series where the characters are already explained and a third, disinterested party is telling their story to a person who also is not interested.

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