Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy Mystery

Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme Cat in an Ultramarine SchemeCarole Nelson Douglas; Thorndike Press 2010WorldCatWith the economic downturn Las Vegas is looking for new ways to pull in tourists. Nicky Fontana and Van on Rhine are doing all right with the Crystal Phoenix, but want to make some changes to keep the business profitable. They bring in Temple Barr, their pro tem PR person. Temple is thrilled because she likes working for the Crystal Phoenix owners and it means extended work and a steady pay check for a while.

Nicky presents his plan to his wife and Temple. They should build an underground tunnel to the Gangsters restaurant behind them. In there, they could set up a panoramic 3D media show featuring the classic Las Vegas stars and mobsters. Temple can think up some great public relations ideas for the planned changes. One of them includes an Al Capone style underground safe opening. Unfortunately, instead of money or a treasure they find a dead body in the safe. Once again Temple is involved in a murder.

If you haven’t read any of the books in the Midnight Louie series, go back and read them in order. It’s (presumably) near the end of the series and now it’s the ongoing characters that build the story. The individual murders are the side story, not the main story of the books at this point. If you haven’t read them, stop here. These give spoilers from the previous books.

Temple’s fiance Matt has gone to Chicago to do some radio shows. She misses him and only has Midnight Louie to keep her company. Her first love, Max, has completely disappeared without a word – again. She is certain he wouldn’t do that unless there was something terribly wrong. In the meantime, Max is in Ireland with his long time mentor, Gary Randolph, trying to regain his memories. He was in an accident that caused memory loss. He doesn’t remember anything before he woke in a hospital in Europe.

By this point in Carole Nelson Douglas’ series, the story is about Temple, Matt, Max, C.R. Molina, Rafi, Dirty Larry, Gandolph, and a few other recurring characters. The mystery in this book is average and barely rated my attention. I am more interested in the lives of Temple and her friends. Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme ends with a twist that sets up the last five novels. Life is going to be more dicey in Las Vegas for them.

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