Cat In a Yellow Spotlight by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy MysteryCat In a Yellow Spotlight by Carole Nelson DouglasDecades ago the rock band Black and White exploded and expanded rock music. Then they imploded. The divas, French Vanilla and Chocolatte went on to decent careers, but it wasn’t the same. Now Nicki and Chantal Fontaine are mounting a Black and White reunion show at the Crystal Phoenix Hotel in Las Vegas. Like most rockers, the band members were on drugs, fought with each other, slept with each other, and finally broke up over those same problems. The Fontaines want to prevent that happening again before the reunion show. They ask Temple Barr to move in with the band at the Crystal Phoenix until the reunion show happens.

Temple kisses Matt Devine, her fiance, a temporary goodbye and moves into the Crystal Phoenix. French Vanilla had kicked cocaine and other drugs a while back. But it seems like she’s using again. Temple hasn’t caught her at it, though. She and Midnight Louie are checking all the possibilities. At a rehearsal Nilla is flightier than ever. When a body descends from the ceiling, she starts attacking it. When they pull the diva off the body, the discover the man was their old manager from the first time the band was together.

Carole Nelson Douglas is nearing the end of her Midnight Louis series with the main cat himself, Temple Barr, and the two men in her life. She is now engaged to Matt Devine and may move to Chicago with him. Max Kinsella has returned to Vegas to put his Interpol past behind him and start his magic act again.

Since Douglas’ series end is close, the books have been focusing more on the three humans and less on the mystery. But that’s not the case with Cat In a Yellow Spotlight. The Black and White mystery takes up most of the book, although Temple’s story is not forgotten. In fact, there are a few new twists that come up, including with Lt. Carmen Molina as well as Max’s need to return to Ireland.

Nicely crafted mystery and character story resolution. This is a fun, inviting cozy mystery. Cat In a Yellow Spotlight can be read alone – the past events are well explained for the new reader to catch up with Temple and her crew. It’s best to start at the beginning of the series to get the full effect of Douglas’ characters and plots that are drawing together to an end  in Cat In a Yellow Spotlight.

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