Cat in a White Tie and Tails by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy Mystery

Cat in a White Tie and Tails by Carole Nelson DouglasCat in a White Tie and TailsCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge 2012WorldCatMidnight Louie visits Chicago – only to be catnapped. It’s a good thing he’s mastered his escapes skills like Houdini.

Matt Devine takes Temple Barr to the Windy City to discuss a television talk show proposal and to meet his family. He’s not looking forward to his family because they’ve treated he and his mother like outsiders over the years. She takes Midnight Louie as well; the cat is part of her family. In the airport, someone takes Louie’s carrier off her shoulder and heads to the exit. It takes a few days before they learn she was targeted rather than a random snatch. Why would someone want her cat?

In Las Vegas, Lt. Carmen Molina offers Max Kinsella some private work. He has amnesia from a life-threatening fall, but still knows his way around the city, the buildings, and the tricks of the magician’s trade. She wants more information on a cold case murder she once suspected him of doing. He can help her find the clues. Soon Max is in casino crawl spaces with Rafi Nadir’s backup. Nadir wants Max to help smooth his way with Molina so he can visit with his daughter. Max uncovers clues that makes him think the case may not be that cold after all.

Cat in a White Tie and Tales is the latest book in the Midnight Louie series. While I can’t recommend starting this late in the series, Carole Nelson Douglas gives enough past history to catch up a new reader without overwhelming the fans who’ve read all the books featuring Temple Barr and her friends and lovers.

Although it doesn’t have its own mystery, Cat in a White Tie and Tales continues pulling together some overall story lines and open cases. Douglas even has Temple create a chart so readers will know what has happened in the past and how the different cases may hang together. Old characters return. The questions are asked in this book, but little is answered.

It’s one of Douglas’ cozy mysteries and a delight to read. By now the reader is enmeshed in the characters’ lives. There is a triangle between Temple, Matt, and Max that is slowly being resolved but still has tendrils loose that can be pulled out. Cat in a White Tie and Tales does tie up one of the peripheral characters nicely. Longtime readers of the Midnight Louie will enjoy this book – and new readers can, too.

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