Cat in a Neon Nightmare by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy Mystery

Cat in a Neon Nightmare Cat in a Neon NightmareCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge Books 2004WorldCatMatt Devine, an ex-priest, spent the night in a luxury Las Vegas with a hooker. Now she’s found dead in the atrium of the hotel. Angst!! Was he the cause?

Las Vegas police detective Carmen Molina had given Matt the suggestion of the hooker to rid himself of a stalker. Now the hooker is dead. Angst! Did she inadvertently cause the death?

Max Kinsella also advised Matt on the hooker as a possible solution to divert the stalker. Now the hooker is dead. Angst! Did he unwittingly send the woman to her death?

Temple Barr finds out that Matt spent the night in the hotel with the hooker. Everyone had hidden the stalker problem from her. Now the hooker is dead. Angst! Could she have prevented the death if she had known of the problem beforehand?

Midnight Louie had been following Temple the night before, attempting to protect her. So he missed the death of the hooker. Could he have saved her? Ang…nah, cats don’t suffer much from ‘what ifs’.

Then some exciting stuff happens in the middle. An old friend appears as if risen from the dead. An old nemesis returns. These are dealt with.

Then back to…angst.

If you have read the previous 14 books in this series, read Cat in a Neon Nightmare. If you haven’t, don’t. This is definitely the middle of a longer story. You know, Dickens used to write serial stories for the newspapers. His full tale would stretch over months. Douglas has now taken her characters and is stretching the serial out over years. A synopsis of what has gone before starts this book. It’s needed to make sense of this one.

I have fun watching the lives of Temple, Max, Matt, Molina, Midnight Louise, and Midnight Louie. The middle section of the book pulled some surprises. Too bad the middle is in a sandwich of angst.

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