Cat in a Midnight Choir by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy Mystery

Cat in a Midnight Choir Cat in a Midnight ChoirCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge Books 2003WorldCatMidnight Louie has his hands…er paws full. He is trying to protect Temple Barr, his human, and Midnight Louise, his possible daughter, from danger. He wants to ensure the big cats are safe. He believes he may have come across an old foe, the Siamese Hyacinth. His first step is to get some information. The group of strays he locates is run by another female important in his life – his mother.

Lieutenant Carmen Molina pulls Temple into the police station to warn Temple once again about Mystifying Max Kinsella. Temple leaves the interview confused. Then she decides to take action. She is going to find the Stripper Killer that has been stalking Las Vegas.

Matt Devine is busy ducking all his friends, especially the female ones. Kitty the Cutter has staked him out and threatens anyone close to him. He can’t talk to Temple about the problem, but talks to Carmen and another friend. They both have the same advise. It is time for Matt to take action.

Mystifying Max is trying to protect the Cloaked Conjurer, his big cats, and Temple. He also is searching for the Stripper Killer. So is Lt. Carmen. Soon the strip clubs have some new customers.

If you have not read any of the Midnight Louie stories, do not start with this one! This is definitely a bridge book, attempting to solve a murder that occurred in an earlier novel and ending with more mysteries to be solved. Charles Dickens was paid by the word when he wrote his novels 150 years ago. They were serialized across weeks, building up to the end. That’s what Douglas is doing here. She gets paid by the novel, instead. The characters develop more fully in this installment, making them more likeable and getting the reader more involved with them. Cat in a Midnight Choir is an enjoyable book. But read the other ones first!!!

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