Cat in a Leopard Spot by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy MysteryCat in a Leopard Spot Cat in a Leopard SpotCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge Books 2002WorldCatMidnight Louie and his friends (human, feline, and canine) get involved in an exotic animal hunting farm outside of Las Vegas. These are “canned hunts” where a ranch owner buys old animals from zoos, those that circuses no longer need, etc. Then, when a rich hunter wants to bag a lion and hang a real head on his/her wall, he/she need go further than this ranch. Since the animals have been tamed, they are easy pickings for any hunter, skilled or not.

A magician contacts Max Kinsella when his leopard is stolen. He believes it is the work of Synth, the rogue magicians that Max is certain is dangerous. Max pulls in Temple Barr in her public relations hat to help locate and rescue the leopard. The two make up a scam that pulls Max out into daylight.

Matt Devine has his own set of problems. He is being stalked by a dangerous woman. This woman has a history connected with Max’s dark past. Kitty the Cutter has decided she wants Matt’s soul. Detective Carmen Molina is trying to find the murderer of a stripper. This murder has been unsolved for a couple books in the series. She is hoping that a dangerous man from her past is not the murderer.

So…we have shady characters from different people’s past returning into lives to cause problems. We have two main story lines in this book – the one with the exotic animal farm and the one that has been building throughout the series. Typical Midnight Louie saga. And still a lot of fun. The exotic animal story is quite an eye opener. “Canned hunts” like that are illegal in Nevada, but they do occur around this country. Since the animals are used to humans and are trained, they are easy, frightened prey.

But the ongoing story is also a major part of this book. Fortunately, a synopsis of what has occurred is given at the beginning. Still, I recommend reading these books in order. If you start with this one, you’ll enjoy it. You’ll just be lost in some of the personal stories as they build. These are fun novels, cozy mysteries. They’re fun to read. This is not writing that will last hundreds of years. But they are a good way to spend a few hours.

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