Cat in a Kiwi Con by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy Mystery

Cat in a Kiwi Con Cat In a Kiwi ConCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge Books 2001WorldCatMidnight Louie is on the prowl again. This time, he, Temple Barr (his human) and company are mixed up with a science fiction convention being held in Las Vegas. To add the the strange mix, Matt Devine is escorting Lieutenant Carmen Molina’s pre-teen daughter at the convention.

Temple’s significant other, Max, is searching for something to help close his past. We, the reader, do not know what exactly he seeks. It has some tie in with his mentor, the Great Gandalph. He speaks with a university professor who is an unofficial magic historian. The next day, the professor is found murdered. Midnight Louie is sniffing around the newest hotel, the New Millenium. He finds another body up on the overhead catwalk.

A huge science fiction convention is being held at the New Millenium. Mariah Molina wants to go, but her mother’s job is keeping her too busy. Matt Devine is roped into escort duty. Temple also attends the convention. She is trying to locate a man for Max. Matt meets a friend there from his counseling days. The four of them band together.

This mystery series is now definitely two groups of novels in one. There is a short term mystery/murder to be solved. Plus there is a dark, ongoing story that intertwines Max’s past with Molina’s, and possibly Matt’s, and the past could easily affect the future of themselves and the people they love. This of course includes Mariah, Temple, and Midnight Louie.

Being a science fiction and fantasy fanatic myself, I had a ball reading about the convention. I have attended them. Like the movie Galaxy Quest, Douglas is able to have us laugh at ourselves. But she also defends us, and by the end of the book, the attendees are not a spectacle, but normal people having fun. This book is not a stand alone, though. The short term murder mystery barely takes more than a third of the book. Instead, this book is setting up more future problems. Will it take us until Z to find out what is going on? Will Max and Temple get to live happily ever after? What about Matt Devine? And will Carmen Molina finally get to shake her past? Watch for Cat in a Leopard Spot and learn a little more!

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