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Cozy Mystery

Cat in a jeweled jumpsuit Cat in a Jeweled JumpsuitCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge 1999WorldCatElvis has returned to Las Vegas!!! Well, sort of… The Kingdome is the newest casino/attraction on the Vegas strip. Without infringing on any Presley copyrights, it is dedicated to all things Elvis. It will open with a contest of 100 Elvis wannabes.

Supposedly an apparition of Elvis has appeared in the tunnels being dug for the Crystal Phoenix. Since Temple Barr is in charge of the project, she is called in. Once the workers return to their construction, she goes to the new Kingdome to find out what is really happening with the newest Vegas attraction. Electra Lark joins her. Electra an Elvis junkie, and had seen him in concert in the 1950’s. She couldn’t be kept away with an intro like Temple around.

As the opening of the Kingdome draws near, Max is out of town. Matt is famous as Dr. Midnight and his counseling show. When a voice that sounds like Elvis calls to talk, Matt’s popularity soars. He borrows Electra’s books so he can help the depressed caller who seems to believe he is Elvis.

While visiting the Kingdome, Temple and Electra accidentally find a dead man – one of the many pseudo-Elvises that are populating the building. Once again Temple is involved with ghosts and murder. The more involved she is, the more she wonders if Elvis really is still alive????

Douglas thoroughly studied her Elvis lore before she wrote this novel. For those of us who do not know his life, she shows us Elvis Presley’s life and times. We learn about the loner teen who made it big. He turned a nervous twitch into a signature. He was abnormally close to his mother, bullied by Colonel Parker, and loved by his fans. She shows us the tragedy of the star that flamed bright, then flamed out.

She also gives us another enjoyable Midnight Louie mystery. This book is not involved with Temple and her relationships with her friends and the men in her life. The Elvis theme takes over that portion. Temple is involved with helping find the murderer. She is approached for help by a very unexpected quarter. Light-hearted like most of the Midnight Louie mysteries? Yes. But this book also touches a chord with the review of Elvis Presley’s life.

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