Cat in a Golden Garland by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy MysteryCat in a Golden Garland by Carole Nelson Douglas

Cat In a Golden GarlandCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge 1997WorldCatTemple Barr and Midnight Louie are on their way to New York City. Louie and Temple are vying for spokesperson/spokescat positions for a popular catfood. They are visiting the advertising agency that is putting together the campaign. Temple stays with her Aunt Kit, the historical romance writer, as their visit/audition takes them over Christmas.

Matt Devine is also leaving Las Vegas for the holidays. He is returning home to Chicago for the holidays. It is the first time in many years since he has been home, and the first time since his change of careers. He hopes he can discover his mother and his past.

They each face their own challenges. Unfortunately, Temple’s and Louie’s challenges include a dead Santa. Matt’s includes his formidable, very Catholic, family. This becomes a memorable and soul searching Christmas for both of them.

I enjoy these books. The mystery is incidental to the story that has now evolved between Temple, Matt, and Max, and the story between Midnight Louie, Midnight Louise, and Miss Yvette. The mystery ties around three men with a history from the Viet Nam war and shows how people who did not live then remember that war. (I was alive and well and remember much of the history Temple learns in this novel.) If you have not read this group of books, don’t start with this one. Read these from the beginning of the mystery series, Catnap. It is the only way to get involved in these characters’ lives and keep them straight.

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