Cat in a Flamingo Fedora by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy Mystery

Cat in a Flamingo Fedora Cat in a Flamingo FedoraCarole Nelson Douglas; Forge Books 1998WorldCatMidnight Louie has been chosen to star in cat food commercials with the Divine Yvette, the Persian cat who holds his romantic attention. There is trouble on the set, though. Maurice II, the cat Louie replaced, had killed off Maurice I. Now he is on the set as the body double for Louie. Louie knows that given a chance, Maurice II will arrange a convenient accident for him, too.

Temple Barr has also taken on a free lance public relations job. Domingo, the world famous pop artist, has decided his newest art concept involves placing plastic pink flamingos all over Las Vegas. Temple’s job will be to help smooth the way with property owners who may not want hundreds of the lawn ornaments around their land or hotel. She also makes suggestions of possible flamingo locations.

Then there is Darren Cooke, the actor and comedian who is in Las Vegas for a revue. He meets Temple through the cat food commercial and Savannah Ashleigh. The temperamental actress refers to Temple as “Nancy Drew” in Cooke’s hearing. Cooke is having a personal problem and hopes Temple can help him. Even he could not anticipate the outcome.

Once again, this novel is a comedic relief mystery. Temple’s comments to herself about adding tacky lawn ornaments to an already flashy, tacky city are superb. We empathize with Midnight Louie when he is in danger of losing his man… er… masculine cathood. It’s an enjoyable addition to the series, and keeps the reader guessing how Temple’s relationships with Matt and Max will continue.

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