Cat in a Diamond Dazzle by Carole Nelson Douglas


Cozy Mystery

Cat in a Diamond Dazzle Cat in a Diamond DazzleCarole Nelson Douglas; Tor Books 1997WorldCatThe romance writers are in Las Vegas for a reader’s convention. The male models who grace the covers of the paperbacks are also here, flashing their pecs and long hair at the women gathered. Temple’s landlady, Electra Lark, pulls Temple to the Crystal Phoenix hotel for a few days for the convention.

Temple is only too happy to get away from her apartment and romantic interests. Her relationship with Matt has been growing. Now Max has reappeared in their apartment. He wants to pick up the romance. Or does he? He talks in circles and disappears when Temple tries to discover too much. He doesn’t stay away, though.

Temple becomes distracted by more than the romance convention. She is on the quest of the perfect pair of shoes that have a picture of Midnight Louie on them. The shoes become background as well when one of the male models rides down a stage runway on a horse, falls off, and is discovered dead with an arrow in his back. Temple is now playing amateur detective for Detective Molina, learning about the field of writing, especially romance novels, learning more about male modeling, and looking for the shoes. Does she forget about Matt and Max? Of course not, but at least she is able to put them out of her mind for short periods.

While I find these novels fun, this one could not hold my interest. Perhaps it was because I was busy preparing for Christmas, who knows? I like the series, like the predicaments Temple gets into (she is kidnapped by pirates in this one), enjoy the peeks we get into Matt as he adjusts to his new life, and the narratives by Midnight Louie. The mystery is fairly straightforward and makes you think if you are trying to solve it. It’s fluff.

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