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Castle of Wizardry (The Belgariad, Book 4) Castle of WizardryDavid Eddings; Del Rey 1985WorldCatWith the evil sorcerer vanquished in Magician’s Gambit, the band of travelers now must hurry on to Riva. It is almost Erastide and they must return to Riva by then.  Their group has grown, adding Relg, the cave dweller who worships UL, the boy, Errand, who guards the orb, and others.  They return to reclaim Princess Ce’Nedra because she must accompany them.

Garion is learning how to increase and use his power.  He isn’t sure he wants to be a sorcerer.  What choice does he have?  So he practices his skills, expands his range and strength.  Meanwhile, Aunt Pol still bullies him, Belgareth, and Ce’Nedra.  Each person who joins their group seems to have a special purpose.

What will happen in Riva? The Prophecy is involved, Garion knows. The Orb that was stolen from Riva is being returned. Ce’Nedra has to be there to honor an ages long pact between the Rivens and her people.  Aunt Pol and Belgareth have specific business there. Garion still has to learn his place with them.

Castle of Wizardry is another portion of the Belgariad story. Castle of Wizardry is not a stand alone book.  Do not read this one without reading the first three novels in Eddings’ series. It is excellent and captivating. By the end of the book Garion knows his purpose in life. He then takes Belgareth and Silk on a quest of his own, leading to the final novel in the Belgariad, Enchanter’s End Game.

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