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Canyons of NightJayne Castle; Jove Books 2011WorldCatCharlotte Enright grew up on Rainshadow Island. She left for college, then became a successful antiquities dealer in Frequency. Her unusual rainbow reader talent helps her do quite well. Now she has returned to Rainshadow Island and moved her shop here. Her eccentric aunt recently died and left her antiques shop to Charlotte. It is the right time to return. Her customers will follow her.

Slade Attridge spent one summer on Rainshadow Island working through the summer as a teen. He left and went to work for the FBPI on Harmony, the planet of both alien psi and natural psi. He’s one with a natural psi power inherited through his family. His dark light talents help him track and capture the worst criminals. His last case affected him, though, and now his psi is burning out. He quit the FBPI and returns to Rainshadow Island to take the sheriff’s position for the summer until he is ready to get his own new business started.

Neither Charlotte nor Slade have forgotten the night 15 years earlier when they snuck into the Preserve, the shadowy, dangerous wilderness that takes up much of the land on the island. After someone breaks into her shop, Charlotte reports it to the police department. Slade investigates and promises to stop it. Then he asks her for dinner. She accepts. But the evening that had so much promise in it ends badly.

When Charlotte goes to her shop to open again, she finds a dead body in there. Someone else, an ex-customer of hers, had broken in, then died in the storage room. What is the man doing here on Rainshadow Island? How did he die? Is there something sinister in her aunt’s antiques she hasn’t found yet? Then of course, there’s Slade. What will she do with him?

Canyons of Night is the latest book in Jayne Ann Krentz’ Arcane Society series. Under her Jayne Castle pseudonymn she writes futuristic novels set on the planet Harmony. These are romantic suspenses with the psychic paranormal element thrown in. The reader can predict much of the book going into it.

The mystery keeps the reader’s interest. This is the final book in the Looking Glass trilogy. If the reader read the previous two, the mechanical killing devices are no surprise. Even so, the shadows surrounding the dead body keep the true story hidden until it is almost too late for Charlotte.

The humorous side story of Rex, the dust bunny, is lots of fun. He can’t keep his six paws off of the antiques in Charlotte’s shop. If he’s not careful, Slade may have to pay a lot of money for his dust bunny’s pilfering. Then there is Thelma Duncan’s zucchini bread. Everyone on the island has it. Fortunately, Rex loves it.

Canyons of Night is a good mystery, satisfying romance and a quick read. Charlotte and Slade strike sparks that reach the reader’s heart.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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