Callahan’s Legacy by Spider Robinson


Science FictionCallahan's Legacy by Spider Robinson

Callahan’s LegacySpider Robinson; Tor 1997WorldCatCallahan’s legacy is called Mary’s Place, after Callahan’s daughter. Jake Stonebender is the proprietor and runs the bar on similar rules that Callahan had. He lives behind the bar with his 9 1/2 months pregnant fiancee. Once again the bar is populated with strange and wonderful beings.

On this particular night, things become unusual even for Mary’s Place. A man comes in and starts building paper airplanes out of $100 bills and throwing them into the fireplace. A strange, extremely ugly being, keeps coming by, looking around, howling at an ear piercing tone, and disappearing again. And stories get told.

We learn the stories behind some of our favorite, established characters as well as bringing in new ones. Once again, Earth is threatened by an all powerful alien. But Jake doesn’t know there is a menace looming even more frightening and powerful than this alien.

Although fun, this book does not match up to the original Callahan’s Place. It is still worth reading if you like this type of humor and zaniness. Robinson has a wonderful setting here, and I’d still like to find the real Mary’s Place (or Callahan’s Place, or whatever they call it now). If you’ve already read some of the Callahan Crosstime Saloon stories, you’ll want to read these, too. But start with The Callahan Chronicals.

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