Callahan’s Key by Spider Robinson


Science Fiction

Callahan's Key Callahan’s KeySpider Robinson; Bantam Books 2000WorldCatMary’s Place has been closed for over a year. Jake Stonebender has been marking time trying to decide what to do next. Then Nicola Tesla shows up. The crew that had been telepathic together before to save the world was now needed to do it again to save the Universe.

Jake responds, along with his wife, Zoey, and daughter, Erin. But Jake knows Long Island is the wrong place. The group has scattered. The money is gone. Then Lucky Duck walks in to the building that had been Mary’s Place. Soon Fast Eddie is behind him. Then Doc Webster calls from Key West. They are on their way.

By the time they have spread the word, there are 24 families/groups involved who also want to join. Of course they want to travel down together. One hundred plus people, twenty four school buses, a lot of retooling, and even more organization later, they were on their way.

This is the newest fun book from the Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon series. Following Spider Robinson’s style from the earlier books, it is irreverent, punny, heart warming, full of foul language and suggestive scenes, touching, very funny, and seat of the edge nail biting when they finally have to try to save the universe. The scenes of the 24 bus convoy traveling down the East Coast of the United States are laugh-out-loud funny. All these people wanted to stay together. Yet each wanted to visit different places and/or people on their way south. The buses have been retooled from school buses to traveling homes. And then there are the police – a convoy like that has to be suspicious!

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