Cain His Brother by Anne Perry


MysteryCain His Brother (William Monk Novels) Cain His BrotherAnne Perry; Ivy Books 1996WorldCatWilliam Monk is approached by Mrs. Genevieve Stonefield. Her husband, Angus, a respected businessman, has been missing for three days. She is afraid that Angus’ twin Caleb, a violent man, killed Angus. She wants Monk to prove what she already suspects. This means Monk has to search the slum areas of London, the Limehouse area, to find Caleb.

Hester, Callandra, and another volunteer, Lady Enid Ravensbrook, set up a hospital of sorts in the Limehouse area. A typhoid outbreak has occurred and they are trying to nurse as many people as possible through the disease. Any understanding formed between Hester and Monk when they were last together in Edinborough seems to be ignored.

Monk keeps coming against dead ends. Slowly he learns more about the brothers. Once he is able to corner Caleb long enough to get a confession, but the man slips away. In the Limehouse area down by the river dead bodies can disappear forever. Caleb swears his brother’s body will never be found down there.

Having read all the books in the William Monk series, I knew there was something still hidden up until almost the end of Cain His Brother. I had a few possibilities in mind. The one I rejected was the one that proved what had happened to Angus Stonefield. Oliver Rathbone and Sergeant Evan once again are in our story, and we meet a new, unfathomable character, Drusilla Wyndham. This was another one of those books that was difficult to put down when I had to leave for work

If you haven’t read any of the William Monk series yet, I recommend you start with the first one, Face of a Stranger and read them in order. But starting in the middle will only have you miss some of the personal interactions. It doesn’t affect the mystery at all.

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