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MysteryCa$H Call Ca$H CallWilliam Manchee; Top Publications 2003WorldCatReview by Molly

Dallas attorney Stan Turner again faces too little money, clients who won’t or can’t pay, a baffling murder, friends who need his legal expertise and lots of artifice from unexpected sources. Turner and his wife Rebekah become friends with the Don Blaylocks. Before long both Blaylocks are facing legal and IRS problems. A poorly thought out investment on the part of Don Blaylock and a group of entrepreneurs in obtaining a Golden Dragon franchise has plunged them first into dire financial straits which is quickly followed by the murder of the unscrupulous restaurant promoter.

Stan is holding on to his legal practice by his fingertips as his creditors demand money he cannot pry loose from tight fisted clients. The Turner kids are growing up, Marsha is now 8 and her brothers are 10, 12 and 14. Stan accepts a boat as payment in kind from one of his ‘impoverished’ clients. The boat is another in a series of missteps Stan has made when it comes to client payments, Rebekah is furious of course. A fishing trip to Lake Texoma nearly becomes the end of the line for Stan and daughter Marsha.

The Blaylock legal problems mount. Stan faces the insistent attentions of an old flame along with Rebekah’s jealous fury. A wrongful death suit worth enough money to bail himself out of his own money hassles gives Stan a little hope for a brighter future. Diamonds hidden in another ‘payment in kind’ set of pottery and just plain danger all are part of Stan’s days as he tries to unravel his own problems along with the hassle the Blaylock’s are facing.

Writer Manchee has set together another great setting of entertaining, convincing characters, predicaments and blunders. The tale Manchee weaves in Ca$h Call brings us another great romp with full time lawyer part time sleuth Stan Turner. Turner has a lot of Perry Mason in his methodology but works without Mason’s perfect record. Ca$h Call is a well written tale filled with many of the characters we have come to enjoy from the first works in this ongoing series. As the Turner children grow up we see Stan, Rebekah and their family much as our own. And that is in part what makes this series so engaging.

The reader is hooked immediately in the first sentence of this gripping, creative story theme. Transitions are handled well, with plot and sub plot all tied together in a believable manner. Manchee’s main characters are natural. Dialogue is not contrived as the characters work to resolve conflicts. Climax and conclusion are handled with usual Manchee skill. I can easily believe that Stan would have handled the situations he faced in Ca$h Call exactly as is set down by writer Manchee.

Poor Stan and his ever present cash flow problems does manage to again prove his clients are not guilty of the murder of the smooth talking scoundrel who was the cause of so many of their money and other problems. The ongoing joke in the books concerning the ‘payment in kind’ fiascoes are just plain fun.

Writer Manchee continues to grow as a writer. Ca$h Call is a well crafted novel in the manner of the best of Ellery Queen, Gardner and Gresham. Dialogue is fast paced. The narrative moves smoothly from Stan and his personal situation to his interaction with clients, the romantically inclined gal who just will not accept no and even a mobster or two.

Entertaining read, Highly Recommended.

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