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Mystery Burn Out by Marcia Muller

Burn OutMarcia Muller; Grand Central Pub. 2008WorldCatAfter Sharon McCone and her husband Hy were nearly killed in an exploding building, Sharon decided she had to get away and reevaluate her life. Now she is staying at her husband’s ranch. She has been fighting depression. She knows she needs to make some changes in her life and in her work, but is having trouble facing them or making any decisions. Her only rock of safety is Hy. But he is busy rebuilding his company after it was ruined by a cheating partner. She has left her company in the hands of her administrative assistant and her manager. The men report to her weekly.

Sharon sees an Indian woman get pushed out of a car to the side of the road. When she offers to help, the younger woman brushes her off, stating she can take care of herself. Maybe she can, but her older sister can’t. As Sharon is trying to learn more about the desperate young woman Amy, she instead stumbles across the body of Amy’s sister. Now Sharon starts returning to herself. She can’t ignore Amy or her sister, let alone walk away from the case. Despite her protests to herself, Sharon pokes around to see what she can uncover.

Marcia Muller’s Burn Out is both about Sharon’s introspection and her investigation. All of these books in the series are in Sharon McCone’s first person narrative. The reader knows what she is thinking. Sharon is wrestling with depression and her own demons.

That’s one reason she gets involved in Amy’s case. It’s a way to distract herself from her own concerns. She also takes on and understands the problems that Amy’s family has. Amy has gone to ground and is hiding. Sharon begins to learn the family’s tale after she finds the body of the sister.

This isn’t one of Muller’s stronger books but it’s an interesting look at Sharon. The older we get the easier it is to get introspective and figure where we go next (one favorite term is mid-life crisis). She also gets into Sharon’s Indian family – the moccasin network is great. The mystery conclusion is sad for everyone who is involved – touching numerous families.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence

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