Burn by Nevada Barr


Burn by Nevada BarrSuspenseBurnNevada Barr; Minotaur Books 2010WorldCatAfter the horror that had happened while at the winter camp at Isle Royale in Lake Superior Anna was put on paid leave. Then she and her husband Paul had run into another murder while on vacation at Big Bend National Park in southern Texas. Paul and she returned to his home in Mississippi, but Anna grew bored doing nothing. So she has traveled down to post-Katrina New Orleans to spend some time there with a friend. Geneva is a ranger at the New Orleans Jazz National Park Museum in New Orleans and sings at the city building.

Clare Sullivan has lived through a fire and the death of her husband. Now she is wanted in Seattle for the arson and murder of her husband and two daughters. She believes her daughters were kidnapped and taken to New Orleans. She flees the city to find her daughters, avoiding the manhunt for her.

When Clare’s and Anna’s paths cross in New Orleans, Anna is torn. Aiding and abetting a wanted murderer came with a federal prison term if convicted. Mitigating circumstances don’t make a difference. But Anna can’t turn away from the distraught woman. Soon she is embroiled in a search for a brothel where children rather than women are on the prostitution list.

Once again Nevada Barr has written a hard, gritty suspense novel that is hard to read. The lighter touch she had in the early part of the Anna Pigeon stories has disappeared. Burn is about children being forced into slavery and prostitution. It touches on illegal aliens and underpaid undocumented workers. Corrupt policemen also come into the story. The children are the focus, though.

This well written, edgy novel shouldn’t be read if you’re depressed or in a lonely, eerie spot. There is a strong, positive story line of Anna’s relationship with Paul. The descriptions of the New Orleans Jazz Museum and its employees bring it to life. Otherwise, Burn is dark and difficult. The problem it depicts is real – which makes it even harder to read.

Notice:  Graphic violence, Strong language, Strong sexual content

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