Bump Up the Oxygen by Mary Jordan Nixon


RomanceCozy MysteryBump Up the Oxygen by Mary Jordan NixonWith her daughter grown and out of the house, her husband living in a different home, and her increasing abdomen pains, Miranda Blight isn’t having a great life right now. She and Buddy choose to live apart and get together on the weekends – something her neighbor Ole doesn’t understand. Miranda makes nurse dolls like Clara Barton. She dreams of almost being a nurse. The instructor who kicked her out of the program is in the news. Mrs. Vic’s daughter died and the older woman accuses her son-in-law of murder.

Miranda has surgery to get rid of the pains she’s had all her life. When she is back in her hospital room after Recovery, she is dismayed to discover Mrs. Vic is her roommate. The woman is still annoying all these years later. The older woman still treats her as if she’s dimwitted. Even so, Mrs. Vic believes Miranda can help prove her son-in-law killed her daughter.

Buddy still doesn’t understand her after all these years. Her neighbor Ole helps take care of her. Mrs. Vic thinks she can help solve a murder. Miranda’s life is getting stranger. In the confusion of events, Miranda is busy trying to stay sane and alive.

Bump Up the Oxygen is a cute, average novel. Mary Jordan Nixon sets the novel in the 1980’s so Miranda can reflect on a nursing program where everything was still rigid – down to the creased hats the students wore. Even though she’s raised a daughter and been married for over 20 years, memories of nursing school and Mrs. Vic still haunt her sense of self esteem.

In Nixon’s likable cozy mystery, Miranda is flighty as she keeps getting pushed around by Buddy and Mrs. Vic. When she goes home from the hospital she’s supposed to have someone stay with her. When the two people who agreed to be with her have to cancel, Miranda tries to care for herself. It’s a good thing Ole next door is watching out for her.

Enjoy humorous trips to the morgue, home made china dolls, cantankerous old ladies, and helpful neighbors. Bump Up the Oxygen is decent fun and will make the reader smile.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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