Bump in the Night by J.D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan, Mary Kay McComas


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Bump in the Night Bump in the NightJ. D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan, Mary Kay McComas; Jove 2006WorldCatWe humans are fascinated by the paranormal – ghosts, magic, supernatural events, time stopping, or whatever. These four writers have brought together novellas dealing with the paranormal in mysteries and romances and life.

J.D. Robb takes Eve Dallas, her futuristic detective, to a haunted house to solve a mystery. I have to chuckle because I grew up on stories of ghosts and torch singers from the American Roaring Twenties (like the movie Maxie). Haunted in Death takes the singer theme but now she’s a rock singer from 1975 or so. Bobbie Bray’s missing bones are found at a current homicide site. This building is supposedly haunted by her ghost. The victim was a descendant of Bray’s lover at the time who may have also been responsible for her disappearance. Dallas has to find the current murderer by linking it to the one in the past. Then there is that ghost that she doesn’t believe in.

Poppy’s Coin, by Mary Blayney, jumps back to Regency London not long after the Battle of Waterloo. David Lindsey is a Captain who wants to sell his commission. He is raising a young girl and her baby brother now that their mother has died. But he has few skills outside of the military and no family left. His new daughter, Poppy, gives him a magic wishing coin. He wishes for a job that will allow him to support his family. He certainly didn’t foresee Lady Grace Anderson as the answer to his wish.

Josh Cramer, adreneline junkie, heads to Spirit Lake to take a wilderness trek for a television show. As his seaplane nears the lake, a stow away appears in the cabin. They crash in the forest where he is thrown clear of the plane. Grace Marin, a photojournalist, is at Spirit Lake to photograph the “ghost” that has been appearing over the lake. She rescues Josh and brings him back to her cabin. In Ruth Ryan Langan’s The Passenger the couple have a chance to escape their lives and escape time as they learn what happened to Grace’s runaway mother.

Many of us had imaginary friends when we were little. When Charlotte’s father dies her imaginary friends appears again even though she is in her late 20’s. Mel pushes Charlotte to look at herself and her life. He reminds her of her dreams before her parents got ill. He shows her that there is more to her than the dry accountant she has become. In Mellow Lemon Yellow by Mary Kay McComas, Charlotte gets that chance to find her childhood dreams again. She is shown how to get out of her rut by the man of her dreams and to live again. (This was published before Sundays at Tiffany’s.)

I read Haunted in Death when the book first came out. I try to stay current with the Eve Dallas series. I finally remembered to pick this up off Mt. Bookpile and read the other three novellas. The others Bump in the Night are cute romances or “let’s look at life” stories. I liked them all and wouldn’t mind rereading any of them. None of them are deep, just fun. All of the stories, even Haunted in Death, leave the reader wondering just what may be out there in a supernatural sense.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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