Born in Death by J.D. Robb


SuspenseScience FictionBorn in death / J.D. Robb. Born In DeathJ. D. Robb; G.P. Putnam’s Sons 2006WorldCatHomicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas can handle any murder scene with aplomb and efficiency. But she can’t handle watching videos of women giving birth. Nor does she think she can handle being a coach and in the birthing suite when a woman gives birth. But because that woman is her closest friend Mavis, Dallas will suck it up and be there. And she’s making sure Roarke will be right there with her.

In the meantime life, or in Dallas’ case, death goes on. She is called to the scene of a torture/murder of a young woman everyone seems to like. When she goes to tell and question the fiance, he is also found tortured and murdered. Both of their home computers have been taken. Both worked for the same accounting firm, although in different departments. Both were excited about their wedding scheduled in a few months. Now Dallas claims them as hers. The accounting firm seems the most likely source of trouble, so Dallas starts digging.

She soon is deep into the investigation. Roarke’s, thus her, reputation is questioned. There’s a possibility he could use the information from her investigation to further his own fortune. While all those close to Dallas and Roarke know that’s a crock, Dallas and Roarke take the slur personally. Dallas now has to discover a murderer, be reluctantly involved in a baby shower and birth, and stand by Roarke. If she doesn’t have enough to do, Mavis pulls Dallas into a missing person case as well.

All of us Eve Dallas fans knew that Mavis would have her baby this time by the title of the book, Born in Death. J.D. Robb has brought back the edginess of the crime in this one, giving the reader something to consider. When I stopped to think about it I put together a couple things, but still wasn’t prepared for the mystery’s solution.

I was pulled right into this novel because I had to chuckle at Dallas and Roarke’s reaction to childbirth. I stayed pulled in with the twists of the murders. I was sorry to put it down at the end after Mavis’ baby is born. In between time I had a enjoyable time with this novel. Great literature – no, it’s not. Good mystery – yes it is. Because of the happy story side by side with the gritty murder it doesn’t get dark. Someone new to the In Death series can appreciate the murder mystery. The characters are already developed so that could be harder for someone new to the series. At the same time, the characters would have that new reader seeking the earlier novels. Enjoy Born in Death. I did.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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