Borderline by Mishell Baker


Borderline by Mishell BakerFantasyMillie is living in a psychiatric center trying to adjust to her new infirmities. When she was embarrassed a year ago, she tried to commit suicide by jumping off a roof on her university campus. She lived; now she has prosthetics to replace her amputated legs and missing memories from a head injury. She was a film student; now she’s a ward of the state with no future.

Then Caryl Vallo visits the center; she’s with the Arcadia Project and wants to offer Millie a job. The Arcadia Project is a very unusual ambassador project. It is tasked with keeping two groups of people at peace and working well together. When relationships are formed between the groups, magic happens. This is evidenced by famous film producer David Berenbaum. He is one of the top secret ambassadors and has a name that equals Hollywood when anyone hears it.

One of the ambassadors from the other group, Viscount Rivenholt, is missing. It is Millie’s job, along with some other team members, to find him and bring him back to Hollywood, one of the connections between the groups. Rivenholt doesn’t want to be found, so they start digging. Millie is thrilled when that includes an introduction to Berebaum. When the great man takes an interest in her past work, Millie once again starts dreaming of a film making career. If they can find Rivenholt, of course.

Mishell Baker took her imagination on flight and created a magical tale in Borderline. The book is fast paced, features a very flawed protagonist, and characters that pull the reader right in. It’s based in Hollywood (Remember Pretty Woman? The stuff that dreams are made of?) so the reader is all ready for magic.

Borderline is full of magic, not only the film kind. Arcadia is a very special group and polices the hidden peoples in the world – people who make real magic.

It’s easy to get caught up in Baker’s story and behind the scenes in the power houses behind film making. Millie worked on small interesting documentaries. Now she’s friendly with the producer of the biggest movies in today’s Hollywood.

Magic is all around Tinseltown. Baker reminds us that it’s twisted all sorts of ways in Borderline.

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