Booked to Die by John Dunning



Booked to Die (Cliff Janeway Novels Booked to DieJohn Dunning; Avon Books 1993WorldCatWhen a hard nosed cop like Cliff Janeway takes on a particular adversary, Jackie Newton, things are going to happen. Janeway has been trying to catch a man he knows is responsible for deaths of many homeless people. He has not been able to have enough proof for a court. Janeway is also a book collector of original Falkner editions. He knows the bookselling community. When a local book scout is found dead, he is certain that Jackie’s temper has struck again.

Unfortunately, while trying to catch Jackie Newton, a witness is once again intimidated so she will not talk. She will not provide the proof she has that is needed. Janeway goes outside the law to pay back Jackie for his past acts.

Now Janeway resigns from the force. He instead decides to follow through on a hidden dream. He opens a used bookstore that not only carries everyday used books but also those special collectors’ items. He quickly embraces his new profession with help from other bookseller friends. Yet when more people in the bookselling community are murdered, he closes his store and acts like a cop one more time.

Booked to Die is an excellent  murder mystery. John Dunning provides the clues, yet they are just obscure enough to keep the reader guessing. Booked to Die also provides wonderful insight into the world of serious book collecting. Not the collection like mine of well loved books, but the first editions that are for show, not to read, the autographed books, the limited quality editions, those small release runs with a major mistake in them. This is the world of the person who may buy the cheap paperback or book club edition of a novel to read, then buy the expensive first run edition to keep unread on the bookshelves to appreciate in value. I enjoyed Booked to Die and had to keep following the characters.

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