Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh


Romantic SuspenseParanormal RomanceRomantic SuspenseBonds of Justice by Nalini Singh Bonds of JusticeNalini Singh; Berkley 2010WorldCatA Justice Psy has telepathic abilities that allows him or her to see into a criminal’s memories of crimes committed. Although the Psy have learned to repress all emotions, the terrible knowledge seen is remembered and J Psy burn out young, by the age of 30. They then are “rehabilitated”, their minds wiped, their memories erased, and their souls are forever gone. The Psy people hide these facts from humans and changelings (shapeshifters), the other chaotic races that share the Earth with them.

Sophia Russo is a J Psy who is on her last assignment. Her shields and her memories are breaking down. She can no longer maintain Psy Silence or her psychic shields. Yet her work with digging out the memories of an inhuman serial killer is important. Human detective Max Shannon wants Bonner’s memories so he can retrieve the bodies of the victims Bonner has hidden away in shallow graves around the country. Sophia agrees with Max – this is important for the girls’ families. Bonner is a sociopath, clever, and vindictive. They can’t get anything, including his memories, without his implicit permission.

Max is a but surprised when he is requested for a special duty. Nikita Duncan, one of the most powerful Psy in the world, wants him to investigate some seemingly random deaths within her higher business hierarchy. They seem natural and random, but there are too many too close to be coincidental. Nikita recruits Max for his human insight. Max intrigued, especially when he learns Sophia will be his partner in the investigation. There’s something about this Psy that attracts him intellectually and emotionally.

Thus the background of a dark, romantic suspense novel is set up. Max and Sophia are surrounded by evil, plots, mental illness, kidnapping, and murder. Yet Nalini Singh pulls everything into a fascinating book that stays hopeful throughout all the darkness that should overshadow Bonds of Justice.

Both of Singh’s main characters had horrific childhoods. As a Psy, Sophia is reticent about touch as it is. It’s worse when her childhood trauma is added. Skin to skin touch is painful torture for her because she can see into the other’s mind. Max is successful and respected as a cop. He has a strong mental shield against the Psy, which makes him more effective. It is that shield that will help him identify the corrupt member(s) of Nikita’s closest associates. It is that shield that allows Sophia the ability to work with him and eventually get even closer.

Bonds of Justice is a hot, sexy paranormal thrill ride with the occasional weak plot point that can be ignored in the appreciation of the overall book. It’s great entertainment; just don’t try to tear it apart with questions of “how did…?”. Singh is now starting to pull the Psy Changeling series into the long term story arc as well. From here on, I’m betting the books should be read in order.

Set in an alternate future Earth, Singh’s is a paranormal romance to pull in the reader. Bonds of Justice is a book to enjoy.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence, Strong language

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