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Blue Screen (Sunny Randall) Blue ScreenRobert B. Parker; Berkley 2007WorldCatSunny Randall gets a call from Buddy Bollen, a very rich man who lives on the tony island in Paradise, Massachusetts. He wants Sunny to be a bodyguard for his girlfriend and B-movie star, Erin Flint. She is practicing to be the first woman to be in the baseball major leagues – the female Jackie Robinson. Erin isn’t comfortable with the men Buddy has and wants a woman. Buddy has done his research and has decided Sunny is perfect for the job.

Then Erin’s assistant, Misty, is found murdered in the gym. Instead of being Erin’s bodyguard, Sunny is shifted from bodyguard to murder detective. She meets Jesse Stone, the Paradise police chief. She travels to Hollywood to learn about Erin’s past to see if there is any connection from their Hollywood past to her assistant’s death. What Sunny uncovers is more than she expects. But will it solve the murder?

She also finds herself attracted to Jesse Stone. He is still involved with his ex-wife. She is still tied up over her ex-husband. She’s not sure if she should follow up with Jesse. But she also doesn’t feel like she can ignore their vibes.

Robert B. Parker takes his reader down dark, twisted paths in this Sunny Randall novel. This is the first one of this series I’ve read. I’ll admit one of the reason I chose this one over what was available at the time was because Jesse Stone is included. Blue Screen is a typical Parker novel, with short sentences and interesting mystery. At times his terseness is annoying, yet his stories make up for it.

I like Blue Screen and Sunny Randall. Erin Flint is an interesting, ditzy character with an unexpected core once Sunny uncovers it. I also like the relationship between Sunny and Jesse. This is an enjoyable mystery novel which makes me want to read more of the Sunny Randall series.

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