Blue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child


SuspenseBlue Labyrinth by Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildFBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast is spending a quiet evening at home with his ward, Constance Green, when someone knocks on the door. By the time Constance gets to it, the person who knocked is gone. Instead, a dead body lays on the door sill. Pendergast chases after the car pulling away from the curb but is unable to catch it before it disappears into New York City traffic. This leads him into a hunt that takes him to California, Brazil, and back. The killer leaves specific clues that lead him to dead ends and questions.

When a man is found dead in the New York Museum of Natural History, Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta is assigned the case. The man, an assistant in the Osteology Department, was killed and hidden to a side area. He wasn’t important in the ranks of the museum, nor did he appear to have any obvious enemies. The last encounter he had had was with a visiting professor studying a skeleton of a Hottentot male from the mid 1800s. D’Agosta presents the case to Pendergast, knowing the agent’s interest in odd cases.

But Pendergast is tied up in his own case. It’s only when the two cases have some similar clues uncovered that the men start working together. The case is a deeper scheme than either of them realize, and could lead to Pendergast’s death.

The thrillers that Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child write are usually fast paced and well written. Blue Labyrinth is one of the better ones, which says a lot because most of them are wonderful. The body belongs to an old adversary of Pendergast. The murderer is a new one who has a grudge against Pendergast for something he didn’t know had happened in the past.

From the moment Constance opens the front door until the last page of Blue Labyrinth the action doesn’t stop. The epilogue ties things up, changing some of Pendergast’s lifestyle. His self insightful remark about being a hypocrite makes the reader laugh and identify even more with this strange, alluring character.

Child and Preston bring archeologist Margo Green back to the Museum as well. Since she lived through two separate attacks at the museum (Relic and Reliquary), it is difficult for her to do more than visit the public research rooms. Eventually she has to face those demons to go further into the museum to save Pendergast’s life. Her character is another example of tying the books of the series together by keeping them feeling real and connected.

By the end, the devoted series reader will be hanging on edge to see what happens to Pendergast. As for the new reader, Blue Labyrinth is an excellent introduction to Preston’s and Child’s world.

Notice:  Graphic violence

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