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Blood Sins: A Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit: Blood Trilogy) Blood SinsKay Hooper; Bantam 2009WorldCatBishop’s Special Crimes Unit is in Grace, North Carolina. There is a religious cult outside of town that is run by a man that they know has special powers. They believe the leader is the man who is behind serial killers that they apprehended in Blood Dreams. They also believe he can and does steal other people’s powers.

Tessa Gray is pretending to be the new widow of a man who owns property in Grace. She is a civilian consultant for Haven who works with the FBI Special Crimes Unit. She is the bait to attract Father Samuel’s attention. Sawyer Cavenaugh is the chief of Grace’s police. Another woman’s body has floated down the river to Grace. All of her bones are broken. They have had that happen before. Sawyer is sure Father Samuel is behind the deaths. But there is no proof so he can’t get a warrant to check out the Church of the Everlasting Sin.

Tessa visits the compound as a “possible” new member. They know the Father is using the women to strengthen himself. They also know that everyone who joins donates their property to the group. The “widow” owns property both in Grace and in Florida, making her extra attractive to the cult.

Sawyer finds the widow of an old friend attractive. He keeps reminding himself that. He maintains his professionalism when they meet. He tries to warn her away from the cult because of his suspicions. He doesn’t expect that she will show him hidden parts of himself.

Blood Sins has some interesting twists in it. More powers are appearing in Bishop’s team members. Senator LeMott (from Blood Dreams) is trying to gain revenge on the man responsible for his daughter’s murder. He has an undercover person tracking the team. Someone in the FBI is trying to discredit Bishop’s team and also has an undercover person tracking them.

Father Samuel is creepy. The children involved bring more realism to the story and the eerieness of the cult. The relationship between Tessa and Sawyer are only at the beginning of their relationship; no romance blossoms in this novel. Although Kay Hooper’s novels have been classified within the romantic suspense genre, this one sits firmly in the paranormal suspense. Nor has the story ended. There are still mysteries connected with Father Samuel and his ultimate goal.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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