Blood Rites by Jim Butcher


Blood rites FantasyParanormal SuspenseBlood RitesJim Butcher; Roc 2004WorldCatWizard Harry Dresden is approached by Thomas Raith, a vampire – actually an incubus – from the White Court. Thomas thinks there is a curse on a movie director. Harry owes him, so when Thomas asks for protection for the women around Arturo Genosa, Harry reluctantly agrees. Then he discovers what types of films Genosa produces. Does he really want to do this? But he promised Thomas.

So Harry takes on the unusual job. He has a puppy that was left behind from his previous job. He has the vampires of the Black Court still after him. In fact he knows one of the oldest, Mavra, has a new den in Chicago. He has plans to rout them out with a special personal militia that includes an expensive mercenary, his old mentor, Ebenezer, and Murphy, the cop who is in charge of the Special Investigations department. He is protecting women around a pornography producer. What a life!

He discovers that one of Thomas’ sisters is also in the movie. A succubus is difficult to resist, but Harry works hard at it. The curse seems to be working. Harry saves a woman and man his first morning on the job. That evening, another woman comes under attack. Yes, someone has a strong curse turned against Genosa.

Why is Thomas interested in helping him so often? Why is Thomas interested in Harry? Despite owing him, Thomas doesn’t expect Harry to do anything for him. He seems to be helping Harry just because he wants to. That’s one more bit of information Harry is trying to learn – why?

Jim Butcher has returned to the humorous beginnings of Harry Dresden in Blood Rites. It gets intense and supernaturally violent. Yet the humor surfaces here numerous times. I found myself laughing out loud at unexpected times. There is a surprising twist in the novel that will affect future stories in Harry Dresden’s life.

This novel also can stand on its own. It helps if the reader has read the earlier Harry Dresden novels to fill in the background. Even so, there are enough explanations to introduce a new reader to the fantastic world of Harry Dresden.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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