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Blood DreamsKay Hooper; Bantam Books 2007WorldCatA serial killer murdered some young women in Boston. Those killings stayed unconnected until he grabbed a senator’s daughter, tortured and killed her. Then he disappeared. The Special Crimes Unit that uses special psychic powers to track and capture criminals are involved in the investigation.

Dani Justice has returned to Venture, Georgia, to face and accept her own psychic demons and to help her twin sister, Paris, get through a divorce. It also means working once more with the local sheriff, Marc Purcell, the man she once loved before she ran away from him and herself. Dani is also drawn back by her clairvoyant dreams that make it appear as if the Boston serial killer has come to Venture. The murder scene is found shortly after Dani’s return.

Dani has a number of issues now. She is helping find a murderer. She has repetitive dreams of this man kidnapping some woman from the Special Crimes Unit as a trap for Bishop and for her. Paris’ divorce is rough on her so Dani does everything she can o support her sister. But her sister isn’t at her side in the dreams, Paris has always been there in the past no matter what the dream. It’s a twin thing. There’s also Marc, who states he is still in love with her and would like to get back together.

There is a lot going on in this novel. It stays there, though, never really coming off the pages except when the focus is on Hollis, the psychic who sees ghosts. If this is supposed to be romantic suspense as well as paranormal suspense, it falls short there as well.

It would be helpful if I read more of the earlier Special Crimes Unit novels. Some of the psychic abilities presented were probably discovered in earlier novels. There is one character (pair of characters?) that I didn’t understand his/her powers at all The dynamics between the characters falls flat. If you’re following the Special Crimes Unit, you’ll want to read this book. It also is the first book of a series with the Special Crime Unites series. Otherwise, you can skip on to something else that is more to your liking.

Notice: Graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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