Blink by Ted Dekker


SuspenseChristian FictionBlink BlinkTed Dekker; Thomas Nelson 2005WorldCatSeth Borders is a bored graduate student. He was not a student who had been nurtured throughout his life. His genius IQ wasn’t discovered until he was older. He had been raised in an abusive environment. Now he is the darling of UC Berkley, He doesn’t appreciate it. Instead he excels in making trouble.

Miriam is a Saudi princess frustrated in the traditions of her country. She has had the occasional escape into the western culture, although she had a guard with her at all times. She knows what it is like to wear regular clothes and have her face uncovered. Now, in Saudi Arabia, she is trapped in her black abaaya. Her father has promised her in marriage to a vicious man to further politics in Saudi Arabia. The wedding is in three days. Miriam would rather die than marry a man she doesn’t love. Instead, she runs.

Seth suddenly begins to have precognition episodes. The start in time for him to rescue a young woman from being killed in a restroom at the university. Seth and Miriam are thrown together in a race for their lives. Only Seth’s new precognitive abilities keeps them from being killed. What will happen when he falls asleep?

This is a novel of the politics of the Middle East. It is a suspense novel of assassination. It’s a novel about the Saudi Arabian culture. It is a novel about overcoming the treatment of youth. It is an exciting suspense novel. It is an education in religious cultures and differences. It is a novel about the similarities between the Muslim and Christian faiths. It is a novel of escaping and overcoming the odds.

Dekker has taken an issue as old as Christianity and as current as today’s headlines to base this suspense, action novel. He delves into the Saudi Muslim culture. Part of the book focuses on the problems of the traditional Muslim culture in the 20th century world. Dekker tries to keep the book edgy, but it doesn’t quite make it. The book has an interesting premise. Blink just doesn’t quite come to life. I found the insight into the Saudi culture illuminating.

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