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Blindsight BlindsightRobin Cook; Berkley Books 1993WorldCatWhat do a medical examiner (pathologist), opthalmologist, two Mafia thugs/hit men, some young business professional drug users, and a homicide lieutenant have in common? In another of Robin Cook’s riveting novels, we get that question answered. At first it appears that nothing would connect. Yet some horrifying threads start linking them.

Laurie Montgomery, M.E., works in the New York City Morgue. She has been seeing a rash of autopsies of young business executives who have died from cocaine overdoses. They did not fit the normal OD case profile and catch Laurie’s attention. No one will take credence in her theory. The different people she talks to have little sympathy for recreational drug use or those who overdose on it.

Her mother introduces her to a very successful opthalmologist, Jordan Scheffield. He immediately starts to woo Laurie with roses and fancy dinners. She accepts his invitations. Lou Soldano is a lieutenant for New York City homicide. He meets Laurie at the morgue while investigating some Mafia type murders. He also asks Laurie out, but it is after she has accepted Jordan’s invitation. She discusses her overdose cases with Lou. He, like the others she has talked to, does not see any connections.

This is one of those books that sucks the reader right in. Since I was the reader (with on overview) I was able to put the pieces together and see what was happening. Laurie, Lou, and Jordan each have parts and have to put together their knowledge. It’s a thriller.

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