Blind Dates Can Be Murder by Mindy Starns Clark


Cozy MysteryRomanceChristian FictionBlind dates can be murder Blind Dates Can Be Murder
Mindy Starns Clark; Harvest House Publishers 2006

Six months earlier Jo Tulip had been left at the altar. She spent the next week solving a local murder rather than going on her honeymoon. She cried on her best friend’s shoulder. Danny Watkins lives across the back yard from Jo. They had been best friends since childhood. He wants to tell her that he loves her as more than a best friend.

Then she swore off men. Danny kept quiet until Jo was ready to start dating again. Now Jo signs up for a dating service. Danny finds out when she shows up at the dating agency for her photograph. One of his photographic jobs is to take portraits for the agency. He is shocked to discover Jo is there for her picture, not to chat with him. She quickly schedules her first blind date for the following Friday. Danny doesn’t know that she accepted the date to boost ratings on the blog associated with her Tips by Tulip cleaning advice column.

The man who arrives at the steak house on Friday doesn’t fit the description of the man given to Jo. He shamefacedly admitted he lied. They start talking. He quickly has an asthma attack. When he collapses on the floor she calls 911. But it was too late. By the time he arrives at the hospital he is dead. While waiting for the ambulance Jo checks his car for another inhalator. Instead she finds a gun and a knife. She also hears strange noises in the trunk. There she finds the man who was supposed to be her blind date. What is going on? Jo and Danny find themselves involved in another mystery.

Blind Dates Can Be Murder is fun chick lit. Jo is a complete character with past family problems she has overcome for the most part. She’s accepted her family. She is able to stand up for herself and take her own career and life path despite their pressure. It’s her love life that is a problem right now. Danny is an upright hunky guy that was constantly dating until he realized he was in love with Jo as well as loving her as a friend. He now is waiting for Jo to see him. He also is going to make sure she sees him. Danny is nervous, but is strong enough to tell Jo what he is feeling. Will he be able to handle her reaction?

Lettie, a scam artist who wants to know about Jo, is also an interesting character. Her history is sad and the reader identifies with her despite the fact that she is a crook. When she meets Jo and her friends, Lettie learns there is more to life than the one she has seen.This isn’t a guy’s book or deep fiction. Blind Dates Can Be Murder is a cute, enjoyable read. Mindy Starns Clark has given us a novel that reads reads well. Jo is a character that I’d like to have in my life and supporting me. I could have used her Bible Study group when I was young and dating – the Lemon Pickers. This is Christian fiction, but isn’t a preachy book. I have to recommend this cozy chick lit mystery.

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