Black’s Beach Shuffle by Corey Lynn Fayman


Black's Beach Shuffle Black’s Beach ShuffleCorey Lynn Fayman; iUniverse, Inc. 2006WorldCatMystery

It’s 1999 in San Diego, California. Money is being made in new Internet companies like Amazon, Yahoo! and EBay. is another company looking to break into the Internet world. Rolly Waters is an aging rock musician who has a part time day job being a private detective. His band has a few gigs a week around the city. This Saturday night his friend Fender gets the group a job playing for a gala that is having at a mansion in LaJolla near Black’s Beach.

But Rolly’s favorite guitar was left behind. When he returns in the middle of the night to retrieve it, he discovers a dead body in the pool. In a panic, he grabs his guitar and beats it out of there. On his way home he makes an anonymous 911 call to report the body.

The next morning Fender comes to Rolly’s home. Now he wants to take Rolly back to the offices for a private detective job. Rolly meets with the president of the company. Someone has stolen the encryption “Magic Key” needed to run their computers and their top secret proprietary software that is due to be released soon. Rolly is hired to locate and return the missing key.

Rolly understands computers only slightly. He thinks he understands what equipment he is seeking and believes he understands why it is important. As he digs further, he knows there is something more going on. The body he discovered is later found dead at the bottom of the cliffs on Black’s Beach. No mention was made about the swimming pool. A band member is attacked in the parking lot. Rolly learns more and knows this job is outside his normal realm or comfort zone. That knowledge is brought home to him when he is attacked while looking for clues on the beach where the body was found. What is going on at Can he figure it out and stay alive?

Corey Lynn Fayman lives in San Diego and has filled his first novel with the city’s local references. Readers from the area will immediately bring mentioned locations to mind, adding their own depths to the story (for example, Black’s Beach is the area “clothing optional” beach). Readers from outside the area may not bring the exact pictures to mind, but anyone who knows cities will be able to construct neighborhoods that Fayman highlights.

Black’s Beach Shuffle is a quick, easy mystery read. It’s not deep, but the reader gets a good feel for Rolly’s character. For the most part this is a surface novel, to be read for pure entertainment. Rolly Waters could easily appear again because there is more to learn about him as he deals with his checkered past.

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