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Dixie Flannagan, a nonpracticing lawyer, has a reputation around the Houston jail cells for her bounty hunting skills. She is known for getting her man despite her sex or size. Her friend, Belle, a defense lawyer, asks her to pick up her client, a man she is afraid is going to run. It is a couple days before Christmas, but Dixie reluctantly agrees to help.

Parker Dann has been accused of manslaughter of an 11-year-old girl. The girl was a victim of a hit and run accident. His car was found parked in his driveway with a dent and her hair trapped on it. He had had too much to drink the night before. He didn’t believe he killed Betsy Keyes, but he honestly couldn’t remember. When he was arrested he had to spend time in jail. He could see before the Christmas break that the jury was ready to convict him. He couldn’t spend any more time in jail. Fleeing was stupid and dangerous, but he refused to go back to jail. He took off for the north.

So Dixie follows Dann north. She catches up to him in North Dakota. He had been heading for Canada. Once again Dixie gets her man. But she still has to get him back to Houston. Her Texas equipped car is not ready for the blizzard that blew through the northern Plains of the United States. Instead of having Dann back on Christmas Day in time to spend the evening with her sister’s family, they are stuck in South Dakota.

When the roads start to clear they head back south. The nearer they get to Houston, the more Dann tries to plea his hopeful innocence. When Dixie learns more facts about the case, she begins to believe there may be reasonable doubt. But she is a bounty hunter. All she has to do is bring back the man. Except Dann is not yet officially a skip. The court doesn’t know he tried to run. Her interest is piqued. So she leaves Dann in a secure location, her own home, while she spends time with her family and checking with the Betsy Keyes’ mother, step-father, and father as well as others seen in the bar where Dan had spent time the evening before the accident. If Dixie is right, another life is still at stake.

My daughter lent me this book two years ago. It’s been sitting on Mount Bookpile waiting for me to get to it. She kept telling me I would like this book. Well, she was right. Bitch Factor is well written, keeping the reader’s interest as the story develops along both expected and unexpected lines. Dixie has the reputation around the Houston jail as a Superbitch. There’s another side that those close to her see. Both parts of her character mesh well and are believable. Chris Rogers also does a good job with Parker Dann as the frustrated accused man – not sure if he is guilty or not. He knows whatever happens, his life has changed forever. He’ll not be able to go back to the days and life he had before the accident. There’s one more character who tickles the reader’s senses. Mud is a smart, endearing character.

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