Beyond Varallan by S.L. Viehl


Science Fiction

Paranormal MysteryStarDoc II, beyond VarallanBeyond VarallanS. L. Viehl; ROC 2000WorldCatCherijo Grey Veil Torin is fleeing from the man who raised her and now claims he owns her. Joseph Gray Veil is extremely powerful and has been able to persuade the Allied League of Worlds that she is his property. She had fallen in love with Kao Torin, a Joren, and become part of his family. When Dr. Gray Veil tries to capture her, the Joren abdicate from the League and Clan Torin leave for their home with Cherijo with them. Now they are fugitives from the League and every bounty hunter in the star system.

Cherijo is a doctor and a genius. She had recently saved a planet from a plague that was more than it appeared. Now she is invaluable to the Jorens in their sick bay. Tonetka, the Senior Healer, is ready to retire. She chooses Cherijo to step into her place when they arrive at the Clan’s home world. Unfortunately, in Cherijo’s mind, many of the injuries she treats are her fault. League ships and bounty hunters keep finding and attacking them, with many Jorens hurt.

There is a murderer onboard the space ship as well. Although Cherijo has a theory as to the type of weapon being used, no one can believe her. They don’t have the energy or physical space on the ship to do what she feels is happening. Between the League in the surrounding space and a murderer on the ship, Cherijo will need all her skills, genius, and connections to protect the people she has come to love.

S.L. Viehl has a way with her characters. I was quickly sucked into Beyond Varallan and didn’t want to put it down. This book keeps up the quality established in the first book of the series, StarDoc. Beyond Varallan is paced well and keeps flowing well for the reader.

Viehl has written these in first person narrative, so everything is seen from Cherijo’s perspective, whether it be joy or guilt, satisfaction or sadness. The reader can empathize with the character and feel included in the story. This is an excellent book. Now I’m ready for the third book in the series. Beyond Varallan could easily stand alone, but is better if StarDoc is read first.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence

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