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Being a Green Mother Being a Green MotherPiers Anthony; Ballantine Books 1988WorldCat

Orb and her half-sister Luna were infants when a prophesy was foretold for them both. Luna might marry Death and Orb might marry Evil. The two grow up in Ireland together, each knowing they may have a special destination. Orb learns to make magical music. Luna learns to make light auras. After Luna moves to New York with her magician father, Orb decides to travel following the gypsies to find the ultimate music, the Llano.

Orb’s travels take her through Europe, then on to India. In India she meets and falls in love with Mim. Mim is an Indian prince in hiding. They stay together until Mim is pulled away when his brother dies and he has to return to his father’s kingdom. Orb’s life falls apart and she returns to old friends to put it back together. Eventually she finds her way back to Luna. Luna is dating the Incarnation of Death. What does this mean for the prophesy concerning Orb? She doesn’t want to marry Evil. She joins a singing group who are all in search of the Llano.

Being a Green Mother is the final novel of the original Incarnation series. Later Piers Anthony added two more, but the add ons are not as good as the first five. Being a Green Mother pulls together the Incarnations’ stories into an intriguing tale that grabs the reader by the end.

All too often Orb is too good to be true. Though she has a temper that can flash out of control, most of the time she is very sweet. Even so, she is a character I enjoy. This novel was written when society’s moral ideas were changing. Orb’s soul is weighted with evil for having an affair and baby outside of marriage. This novel can stand on it’s own – it’s better with the first four.

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