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Bed of roses Bed of RosesNora Roberts; Berkley Books 2009WorldCatEmma Grant lives a wonderful life. She and her three best friends run Vows, a full service company with chapel, photographer, chef, coordinator, grounds, and a florist – Emma’s job. She loves working with her flowers and making brides happy. She has a wonderful family and loving friends. Plus there are the extended friends – Parker’s brother Del and his friend Jack. Jack is an architect and has been in their lives since Del was in college. Now that Mac is getting married and Vows is growing, Jack has been pulled in for the renovations, refits, and extensions. He’ll extend Mac’s studio and personal space, add kitchen area for Laurel, and expand Emma’s area for her florists’ refrigerators and working space.

Emma has been attracted to Jack but never acted on it. There are too many factors, including their friendship and the fact he had once dated Mac (it’s a friends rule). It seems Jack is fighting the same attraction. He is able to resist his impulses until he finds her behind the scenes of a demanding wedding. The shoulder massage he gives her becomes a hot kiss as well.

Within another week they figure out they can deal with their friendship and date. Both know, though, that when things end, that the friendship will still have to endure. Emma is very happy and soon realizes she has fallen in love with Jack. But since his parents divorce when he was twelve he avoids serious commitment. Emma knows that but hopes things might change.

Bed of Roses is sheer romance, the second novel about a group of strong women and best friends that are wedding planners. It’s fun and the characters are appealing. It’s obvious who will get together in the final two novels. And of course going into the series, the reader knows that four women are going to take their successful lives to the next life level.

Emma is a stable character from a loving family. From the beginning of the book she knows how lucky she is and that she is living the life she wants. In Bed of Roses, Nora Roberts has wound together a happy romance with believable characters and situations.

Notice:  Strong sexual content

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