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Bearing an Hourglass Bearing an HourglassPiers Anthony; Ballantine Books 1984WorldCatNorton is an outdoorsman. He spends most of his time on top of the cities in the parks, preserving the ecology and wandering. A ghost approaches him at a campfire one night and presents a tempting offer. This takes Norton on an incredible new path to his life.

He meets Orlean, the woman of his dreams. They can live together and love each other, but not marry. Norton’s life is wonderful while he has Orlean. Once again the ghost interferes. Things change. Norton is separated from Orlean.

The ghost then offers Norton a very special job. It is time for a new Chronos. Norton knew the Incarnations were real humans who had assumed the different positions. He had never imagined himself as the Father Time. He accepts the position, unaware of all the implications it brings.

Chronos lives backward in time as compared to the normal world. His hourglass is a powerful weapon against evil. Satan approaches Norton as soon as he assumes offices tempting him. Unknowingly, Norton changes history, leaving the opening for Satan to take over the world.

This is a fun book although I liked it better the first time in the 80’s. This time Norton’s travels to Satan’s fantasy worlds seem rather dumb. Norton’s travels through time, interactions with the other Incarnations, and life before he became Chronos are all interesting. Unfortunately, Satan tempts Norton with bug eyes monsters, space sagas, castles, and dragons. While Norton is in those realities the book gets a bit silly.

This is book two of the Incarnations of Immortality. Although they can be read out of order, I recommend starting with On a Pale Horse.

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