Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel


Bad Kitty by Nick BruelChildrenBad kitty
Nick Bruel; Scholastic 2005

Review by Molly

Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty is an additional favorite of Osage County First Grade’s cat themed books.

She wasn’t always a bad kitty. She used to be a good kitty-

Accordingly it happened; one day, there was no food in the house for the kitty.  There was only nourishing, delicious, STUFF.  And beginning with asparagus we began moving through those yummies including eggplant and leeks and parsnips, watercress and zucchini we read our way, A to Z, through the alphabet.

That was when Kitty made up her mind that she would become a bad kitty, mind you, not just any old bad kitty but Kitty would become a very bad one.    Consequently commencing with Ate my homework, Osage County First Grade and Kitty went right through the alphabet again hurling hairballs, loitering under the no loitering sign, writing on the walls, and,  you get the idea  …

Bad Kitty embraces 4 dissimilar alphabet sequences including food and non-food items, inappropriate behavior, and once more, when kitty friendly kitty food is purchased, reverting to earlier excellent behavior ensues.

Osage County First Grade classroom resounds with peals of merriment from the earliest reading during the first days of the new school term; lasting on to the end of the school year.

Bad Kitty is one of the Alphabet books we have in our ABC book basket for Little Learners to use during alphabet work.  It is one of the first removed and used as Little Learners work, it is often chosen for DEAR reading time and for take home to share with family too.

I enjoy the ludicrousness author Bruel presents.  Idiosyncratic artworks and kitty treats comprising chicken cheese cake, goose goulash, an order of opossum, turtle turnovers, an eXcess of Tyrannosaurus ReX and baked Zebra Ziti all work to pique Little Learner attentiveness and accelerate the giggles of those hard working Osage County First Grade Learners.

As the school term progresses it is a pleasure to observe the comprehension of the humor inaugurate and mature as Little Learners not only appreciate but truly follow the merriment and glee the writer is conveying.

Bruel has a whole series of Kitty themed works, Osage County First Grade adores them all, however Bad Kitty remains the hands down number one favorite.

Happy to recommend Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty.

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