At the Crossroads of Terror by Lenny Emanuelli


SuspenseAt the Crossroads of Terror by Lenny EmanuelliReview by Molly

Lenny Emanuelli’s At the Crossroads of Terror is a work of 226 pages with a list of characters spanning the first two pages.

The prologue sets the tone for the work with a brutal 1992 murder including sexual assault upon the woman detailed. A year later the file went into a cold case file and remains unsolved. The case continued to trouble John Fennick and Frank Johnson as one of the most brutal and sadistic they had worked during their police careers.

And 14 years later, April 1006 we find the Dragon Awakens. Charlie, CJ Johnson, son of famous homicide detective Frank Johnson had eschewed a career in police work for a career in the field of computer software. Somehow he finds himself entangled in a bit of a mess involving Sherry Mann, the only child of the couple murdered so long ago, a recent homicide, gun shoved into his pocket by a gorgeous Asian woman with a tattoo on her leg.

Sherry Mann is writing a book about a nefarious Asian Gang, the Flying Dragons, from Charlie’s description; it seems the woman who put the gun in his pocket may be a part of the Sisters of the Flying Dragons. That Charlie is in enormous danger is clear to Sherry, Charlie cannot believe that he is.

From that point the reader is carried along on a hair raising journey filled with a Vietnamese gang bent upon terror, beatings, arson, sexual assault, murder, chicanery, deceit, illicit drugs and finally a little justice.

Charlie and his struggle to clear himself of a crime he did not commit and evade the determined destructive behavior of a violent crime family is complicated with his attempts to save his childhood sweetheart.

On the frontispiece the author asks ‘What would you do if you were being hunted by a gang of killers holding your childhood sweetheart captive. And, you were also being hunted by the police who believe you are the one responsible for a murder you did not commit. Where could you turn for help. Charlie Johnson, son of a retired police detective is an unlikely suspect for murder, but that is what is thought, that he killed a local street merchant. Trying to prove his innocence is grist for the fertile imagination of writer Emanuelli as he sets down a compelling narrative sure to hold reader interest from opening prologue right down to the last chapter.

Pairing the at times not-a-clue Charlie with street wise television reporter Mann has proven to be a winning mix. Emanuelli presents a hard at times to read narrative filled with violence, and much of it directed at women. The writer’s special message indicates that –although the book is fiction, the sexual violence is all to real, and takes place somewhere in the US every two minutes. It is the writer’s hope that the book will help bring some awareness to the problem.

A portion of the proceeds from Lenny Emanuelli’s At the Crossroads of Terror will be donated to RAINN the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network.

Note: violent content with brutal sexual activity and profanity is included.

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