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At Home in Mitford (The Mitford Years #1) At Home In MitfordJan Karon; Penguin Books 2005WorldCat

Father Tim has an Episcopalian church in Mitford, North Carolina. He has been there for years, and hasn’t taken a vacation in over 13 years. He knows he’s tired, but isn’t quite sure what to do. Then Barnabas bounds into his life. Barnabas is a large, friendly dog that only responds to Bible verses – the perfect dog for Father Tim.

His parishioners are a varied bunch – there are Hal the local vet and his wife Marge, Tim’s close friends. Miss Rose and Uncle Billy live in the dilapidated mansion – she is crazy and lives in her own world, only allowing in Uncle Billy. Then there is the doctor, Walter, who always tries to get Tim to take care of himself. Miss Sadie is the oldest parishioner, well off and with a secret she never shared.

Then Dooley comes to town. Puny becomes his housekeeper. And Cynthia moves in next door. Father Tim’s life is about to become more chaotic.

At Home in Mitford is a charming novel about the small town of Mitford from the Father’s point of view. It isn’t maudlin or overly sweet. It is humorous. Everything isn’t roses, yet even the shadows are handled with a light, believable touch. This is a great relaxation book, one to enjoy and appreciate. Father Tim is a real character with his failures and faith. The characters within the tale are lovable. I have to laugh when I think about some of the different outfits Miss Rose wears. Dooley is easy to picture.

My mother-in-law recommended this series years ago, but I just hadn’t gotten around to any of them. She was right – I’m glad I finally have.

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