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RomanceUrban FantasyAs You Wish by Gabi Stevens

As You WishGabi Stevens; Tor 2011WorldCatAll of her life Reggie Scott felt like an outsider in her family. Her family is Arcani, magical. But she was born without magic. She now runs a bakery with two special bakers who add a little magic of their own to their pastries and creations. The bakery is getting popular with both Arcani and Groundlings (most humans – no magic). She has regular customers, like the shrouded Nate. Nate is a loner and comes in clothed from head to toe before she opens each morning. When the shop officially opens, he finishes his food and leaves.

A few days after her 27th birthday, Reggie gets a surprising visit from the three fairy godmothers. They are retiring. Reggie has been chosen as the second replacement. The first one, Kirsten, is in hiding with an Arcani scholar (The Wish List). The third one has yet to be chosen. The godmothers quickly inform Reggie of her new duties, give her her new wand, and disappear. The Arcani High Council is looking for them for High Treason, along with Kirsten and Tennyson. The Council doesn’t believe that something is threatening the balance of the Arcani and Groundling worlds.

Nate is there when Reggie gets her wand. He sees this as an opportunity. He is hiding for a reason. Perhaps Reggie can break his spell.

When Reggie’s mother’s enemy shows up a few minutes later, Reggie knows there will be trouble. The two older women hate each other and are always showing each other up. Now Sophronia is her arbiter, the Arcani who will advise the Council whether or not Reggie is allowed the keep the Fairy Godmother post. She also advised Reggie that if the current, retiring Godmothers, Kirsten, or Tennyson contact her, she is to report to the Council immediately.

Two handsome, rich men also appear in Reggie’s new life. Luc LeRoy is the new wizard from Europe who is resettling in San Diego. Jonathan Bastion is the owner of the best wand company the Arcanis use. Both men seem to want her. But their goals are different.

Now Reggie has to learn her new job, let someone else take over her bakery, and deal with three different men. Oh, and she’s not sure if she should get involved with the Godmothers’ conspiracy or to blindly follow the High Council. She needs all the help she can get.

As You Wish is as cute as The Wish List. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it has adventure and mystery, and is completely predictable. It’s a great bit of fluffy escape that leaves you with a smile. Plus there are these gorgeous men and the romance – whew!

Gabi Stevens has created a lively story with characters that are charming. She adds two special characters in As You Wish – Joy and Tommy. They are slightly developmentally disabled (the technical term is Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities – IDD). Yet they are fully functioning as long as they are within their comfort parameters. They are excellent bakers and don’t even know they’re enhancing the baked goods with their magic. Stevens adds an explanation about them and a plug for an organization that helps such people (Best Buddies).

Notice:  Explicit sexual content

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