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Archangel's Kiss (Guild Hunter #2) Paranormal RomanceArchangel’s KissNalini Singh; Berkley Sensation 2010WorldCatAfter the war in Angels’ Blood, Elena has finally woken from a coma. Rafael, the Archangel of New York, has fallen in love with her and made her an angel. Now she has to learn a whole new life, learn how to share her life with Rafael, how to live with selfish angels, and maintain her vampire hunter skills.

And Elena thought the politics on Earth were frustrating. There she could ignore politics and be the Hunter she was born to be. Here she deals with archangels who would like to kill her to weaken Rafael, the vampires that protect these angels, dressing with/around her wings,to regain her strength and get back to fighting power, and learn to fly. To make it more difficult, childhood memories about her sisters’ and mother’s deaths are returning to her, weakening her resolve as her guilt over the past. Her father kicked her out and never forgave her for being a Hunter.

Her relationship with Rafael is intense. They are now both immortals, He had never known he could love someone so much. She could politically weaken him, but she personally strengthens him. Elena and Rafael’s physical relationship had been hot before her change and coma. Now it’s on hold as she recovers.

There is an angel who is trying to fight up to being an archangel. Unfortunately, the angel is attacking others within the angels’ refuge, including angelic children – a taboo among all angels. This angel appears to stop at nothing. The oldest archangel is holding a party in a couple months. Rafael knows that it is meant to test Elena. The poltics roiling around the angels’ refuge could break the group apart.

Archangel’s Kiss is a very good novel, but I should have read Angel’s Blood first. Much of Nalini Singh’s story line refers to the first book in the series. I could have used the stronger base reading this one. It was all explained enough so I didn’t lose anything in the long run, but would have appreciated it before I started.

Singh’s Archangel’s Kiss is erotic and packed with action, violence and emotions. The relationship between Elena and Rafael takes up about a third of the book, but there is so much more with the other angels, learning to be an angel herself, and Elena’s memories. There are a few story lines here, some which twine together and some which bump against each other but are separate issues.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence, Strong language

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