Apollyon by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins


General FictionScience FictionChristian fictionApollyon ApollyonJerry B. Jenkins, Tim F. LaHaye; Tyndale House Publishers 2000WorldCatThe Destroyer Is Unleashed

As more plagues come to Earth, Tsion Ben Judah is excited because he realizes he has been called to be the leader of God’s chosen 144,000 Jewish believers of the End Times. He is hiding out in Chicago with Buck and Chloe Steele but knows he has to return to Jerusalum for a giant rally. Chloe is still recovering from her accident and she and Buck are adjusting to the new life that is coming to them.

Rayford Steele is still a pilot for Nicholae Carpathia, the anti-Christ, but knows that the position will not last much longer. He has never hidden his faith in Christ from Carpathia. The two of them soon will no longer be able to live with or near each other. Carpathia’s fiancee, Hattie Durham, is found under an assumed identity in Denver. He wants their unborn child to be aborted. Carpathia sends Ray to pick her up and return her to him.

The Tribulation Force is on the run in many different ways. They are now having to escape from Carpathia and the Global Community. They have to share their faith in Christ with as many people as will listen. They are hiding both Tsion Ben Judah and Hattie Durham from Carpathia. Plus they have to accept the immediate changes in their own lives and family.

Apollyon starts where Soul Harvest ended. It is just as fast paced, pulling the reader right along with the characters. The description of the projected plague of locusts is chilling. Thank goodness the description of the sufferers’ symptoms from the locust bites is kept to a minimum. I don’t want to imagine what it would really be like after picturing those larger than life horse like bugs. Apollyon also gives a foretaste of troubles yet to come during the Tribulation End Times. Fortunately it ends on a bit of a reprieve rather than the cliff hangers of the last two books.

The Left Behind series chronicles the End Times foretold in the Bible. While I have studied these prophesies in the past, I couldn’t visualize them the way LaHaye and Jenkins have done so well. The Christian message of Salvation permeates the books, giving a promise or warning to any reader. At the same time, Apollyon, as the earlier books in the series, gives a gripping story that will please most readers.

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