Amber Beach by Elizabeth Lowell



Amber Beach (Donovan, Book 1) (Donovan) Amber BeachAnn Maxwell;
Avon 1998

Honor Donovan goes to northwest Washington to look for her missing brother. She is afraid of boats and detests fishing, but she will overcome these fears to try to find Kyle. Kyle has been missing for a month, and a large shipment of Baltic amber from a Russian state is also missing. Kyle has been accused of murder and theft. Honor is sure her brother is innocent. She hires a man to teach her how to run the boat.

Jake Mallory applies for the position Honor has. He grew up in the area and is an excellent boater. What he doesn’t tell her is that he is also looking for Kyle. From the current facts, if Kyle is not guilty, then Jake must be. Jake knows he did not steal that shipment of amber. He needs to prove his innocence, and staying close to Honor Donovan is the best way to do it.

There are other people also looking for the shipment of amber. It seems someone his an ancient stolen artifact in the shipment. Jake is quickly approached by the U.S. government. He discovers a member of the Russian Mafia has contacted Honor. At least three, if not four, boats follow them every time they cast off.

Jake and Honor are attracted to each other. Jake knows that when Honor discovers who he really is she will not trust him again. Honor knows this man is too much like her domineering big brothers. She feels she can trust him to help her; she does not trust him, or anyone, enough to divulge her real reason for wanting to go out in the small boat. If only he wouldn’t force her to fish!

I learned a lot about the gemstone amber I hadn’t known before while reading this book. I also learned about the crumbling political situation in the former Soviet States. I had not known how shaky many of those countries are while they are trying to switch government types. The romance was well done also.

Notice: Non-graphic violence; Strong indecent language; Strong sexual content

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