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Amaryllis by Jayne Castle AmaryllisJayne Castle; Pocket Books 1998WorldCatThis is the first of the trilogy that is a romance novel based in a science fiction futuristic world with an interesting twisting mystery.

As we saw in her third book of the trilogy, Orchid, St. Helens is a space colony that was found eons ago by the Founders from Earth. As humans lived here over the years everyone developed some sort of psychic talent. These talents come in different forms and at different levels. There are people who use psychic talents, and those who focus them, or prisms. Marriages are arranged through brokers to match people by their talents and compatibilities. Marriage is for life, with no divorce, so the marriage agencies have to be very careful. This system works very well for St. Helens.

Lucas Trent is a level nine (on a scale of ten) talent, very powerful. He hires Amaryllis, a full spectrum prism, to help him locate why a trusted employee is stealing from his company. Amaryllis soon involves Lucas in an unexpected investigation of her own. The two are immediately attracted. Even though they are both in the process of registering with a marriage agency, they carry through on the attraction until the agency his finished its work.

Amaryllis is certain her old mentor was murdered. She has just enough clues come her way that she starts investigating these clues. Lucas stays with her to keep her safe. And because he cannot leave her alone.

I had as much fun with Jayne Castle’s Amaryllis as I did the first one of the trilogy I read (which also was the third in the set). Castle (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) developed an interesting planet as her background with a strong romantic suspense in Amaryllis.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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