Always On My Mind by Jill Shalvis


Romantic SuspenseRomanceAlways On My Mind by Jill ShalvisAfter being in a reality television show, Leah Sullivan returns to Lucky Harbor to help out her grandmother. She had grown up helping her grandmother in a small town bakery. Now Elsie has knee surgery and Leah takes over the bakery while Elsie is recovering.

Her best friend in Lucky Harbor is Jack Harper. Jack is now a hot fireman and a serial dater. He doesn’t stay with any woman for more than a few dates. Jack and Leah resume their friendship and teasing. Leah knows she’s leaving Lucky Harbor in a few weeks. She wants to be gone before the finale of Sweet Wars appears on TV.

Everyone in Lucky Harbor is closely watching the show. Leah appears to be the shoe-in winner. Everyone keeps asking, but Leah is bound by a confidentiality contract – and she is grateful. She doesn’t want anyone to know what happened until after she is gone.

A series of fires around Lucky Harbor are determined to be arson. Jack is the second in command of the fire department, still fighting fires but also helping with the paperwork and office work. He takes on the arson investigation in his free time. He also finds himself being attracted to Leah, reminding him of their history before she left Lucky Harbor all those years ago.

Always On My Mind is the story of old friends learning they are much more to each other. Jill Shalvis takes an old story line and gives it fun twists and pulls in American reality TV to keep it current. It’s cute and fun with Shalvis’ strong women and hunky men.

Leah’s father was verbally abusive all her life. Jack lived next door and heard it all. Jack was Leah’s refuge. Now she still strives for the perfection her father demanded. She needs Jack to help her learn that she is  great as she is and that she can finish what she starts. Jack just needs Leah, his best friend and first love.

Hot firemen, creative women, friendly town, playful nosy senior neighbors – that’s Shalvis’ Lucky Harbor. Enjoy the sexy, entertaining Always On My Mind.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Strong language

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